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Collect payments in Brazil

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Grow exponentially and increase your revenue in Brazil by offering the top high-performance local payment options with high approval and conversion rates. Instantly convert Brazilian Real to stablecoins.

Local payments made easy, without a local entity

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Payment Processor

Payment Processor

Collect payments in local currency (Brazilian Real) even without a local entity

Accept the main payment methods in Brazil: PIX and Credit Cards

Instant settlement for PIX

Protect your company from fraudsters with our technology

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Stablecoin Swap

Our solution facilitates the seamless conversion of collected Brazilian Real to either USDC or USDT, at the current foreign exchange rate, ensuring a rapid and secure transfer to your designated wallet. With our efficient and reliable payment solution, you can be sure that your funds will be received in a timely manner, without any unnecessary costs and delays. 


Start your Integration


The most powerful on/off ramp APIs for Brazilian Reais 

Easily collect payments in Brazilian Reais with just a few lines of code through PIX and credit card integration. Enjoy instant conversion of your collected funds to stablecoins pegged to the US dollar and receive them directly to your designated wallet.

Developers support is available 24h/7.

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