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BRLe Token

BRLe is a Brazilian Real stablecoin in which each 1 BRLe token is equivalent to BRL 1 fiduciary. Its custody is held in financial institutions regulated by the Central Bank of Brazil and is a safe and stable option for financial transactions

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Stablecoin that pays the yield from its reserves to token holders


Stability you can verify


BRLe is a real stablecoin where each 1 BRLe token has BRL 1 in fiduciary funds. Its custody is maintained in financial institutions regulated by the Central Bank of Brazil and composed of cash and Treasury Financial Letters.


The BRLe reserve is held in custody at Banco Itaú-Unibanco and can be consulted by customers at any time. The reserve is also regularly audited




ECSA invests the BRLe reserve in Brazilian National Treasury bonds and transfers the income to BRLe token holders at 100% of the CDI rate.

The users who own the BRLe token are remunerated by the yield on government bonds in which the BRLe reserve is invested. Investors receive the yield  in the form of additional BRLe tokens.




BRLe is a digital token that currently runs on the Stellar blockchain. The Stellar network was chosen for several key reasons, including its fast transaction times, low fees, and high levels of security. You can check BRLe information directly on Stellar Expert.


BRLe will be launched on Ethereum, offering greater flexibility and access to decentralized applications. This will further expand the accessibility of BRLe.

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