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Market Making and On/Off-ramp Infrastructure

ECSA offers a seamless solution for converting Brazilian Real to BRLe, a fully collateralized stablecoin. The platform's market-making APIs enable real-time swapping of BRLe to USDC, allowing investors and exchanges to access the BRLe yield without worrying about liquidity issues.

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On/Off Ramp 

Easily deposit Brazilian Real using PIX and receive corresponding BRLe tokens on the Stellar blockchain. Securely store your tokens on the ECSA platform or in a personal wallet. The token holders can earn yield equivalent to 100% of CDI. Withdraw at any time with no fees always at 1:1 ratio of BRLe to Brazilian Real

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Market Making

The ECSA platform serves as a market maker, ​enabling the exchange of BRLe tokens and US Stablecoins (USDC / USDT) based on the prevailing foreign exchange rate. Additionally, the USDC can be redeemed on both the Ethereum and Stellar blockchain networks.


Start your Integration

The most powerful on/off ramp APIs for Brazilian Reais 

ECSA's APIs provide a convenient and efficient way to convert Brazilian Real to digital assets and perform carry trade operations on the blockchain. These APIs include on/off-ramp functionality and market making capabilities, enabling users to seamlessly move in and out of different stablecoins while also taking advantage of potential market fluctuations.

Developers support is available 24h/7.

On-ramp Brazilian Reais Fiat  to BRLe with zero fees and instantly.

Convert BRLe to USDC at the FX-Fiat rate. 

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User Cases

The backbone for internet business


Cryptocurrency exchanges 




Carry Trade

Streamlined process for converting fiat currency into cryptocurrency and vice versa, as well as a simple way for exchanges to monetize their float in Brazilian currency.

On/off-ramp solution helps gaming companies streamline the onboarding process for users by enabling the seamless conversion of Brazilian Real into in-game currency or tokens.

An efficient way to earn yield from the Brazilian sovereign debt on chain. Investors can borrow in a low-yield currency and hold BRLe to perform a carry trade on the blockchain.


BRLe Token

issued by ECSA

BRLe is a stablecoin that is pegged to the value of the Brazilian Real (BRL) and can be exchanged for 1 BRL at any time. It is fully collateralized and backed by cash and Brazilian Treasury Bills and its reserve is held in custody at one of the most solid banks in Brazil and audited regularly. 

Users of BRLE can benefit from the income generated by the stablecoin's reserve, which is invested in government bonds and passed on to token holders at the CDI rate. This means that if you own BRLE tokens, you will receive a portion of the income earned by the reserve in the form of additional tokens. This can provide an additional source of return for BRLE holders and make the stablecoin more attractive as a value storage option.



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