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Market Making and On/Off-ramp Infrastructure

ECSA offers a seamless solution for converting Brazilian Real to BRLe, a fully collateralized stablecoin. The platform's market-making APIs enable real-time swapping of BRLe to USDC, allowing investors and exchanges to access the BRLe yield without worrying about liquidity issues.

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On/Off Ramp 

Easily deposit Brazilian Real using PIX and receive corresponding BRLe tokens on the Stellar blockchain

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Market Making

The ECSA platform serves as a market maker, ​enabling the exchange of BRLe tokens and US Stablecoins (USDC / USDT) based on the prevailing foreign exchange rate. Additionally, the USDC can be redeemed on both the Ethereum and Stellar blockchain networks.


Start your Integration

The most powerful on/off ramp APIs for Brazilian Reais 

ECSA's APIs provide a convenient and efficient way to convert Brazilian Real to digital assets and perform carry trade operations on the blockchain. These APIs include on/off-ramp functionality and market making capabilities, enabling users to seamlessly move in and out of different stablecoins while also taking advantage of potential market fluctuations.

Developers support is available 24h/7.

On-ramp Brazilian Reais Fiat  to BRLe with zero fees and instantly.

Convert BRLe to USDC at the FX-Fiat rate. 

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User Cases

The backbone for internet business


Cryptocurrency exchanges 




Carry Trade

Streamlined process for converting fiat currency into cryptocurrency and vice versa, as well as a simple way for exchanges to monetize their float in Brazilian currency.

On/off-ramp solution helps gaming companies streamline the onboarding process for users by enabling the seamless conversion of Brazilian Real into in-game currency or tokens.

An efficient way to earn yield from the Brazilian sovereign debt on chain. Foreign investors can borrow in a low-yield currency and hold BRLe to perform a carry trade on the blockchain.


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